We begin a journey with clear inclination about our final destination. Similarly a person begins his/her spiritual path with a definite understanding of the end goal. Hindu Central tries to highlight the ancient Indian traditions and Sanathana Dharma way of life, which is nothing but the eternal law or eternal way.

Temples, being the cornerstone of Hindu Dharma, play an extraordinary role in protection, preservation and nurturing of Hindu culture and traditions. But today, the Hindu religious scenario is hit by jeopardising actions by the government, anti-Hindus and fanatics. Unnecessary government control over traditional Hindu temples and open attacks on Vedic temples are really condemnable. These attacks on temples are huge bolts on Hindu culture. They in effect robe Hindus off their psychological, spiritual and emergency support.

All great religions of the world share many similar points. This resemblance points to the probable fact that different religions have assimilated virtuous features from one another. As Swami Vivekananda aptly stated, “Religion is fundamental in the very soul of humanity; and as all life is the evolution of that which is within, it, of necessity, expresses itself through various peoples and nations.”

Hindu central is the place where Hinduism-based projects are undertaken. You do not have to be a Hindu or follower of Hinduism to take advantage of the information presented here.

We undertake many projects. Examples:

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