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Ganesha birth – story

Story of Ganesha’s Birth

The most popular story about this very adorable deity revolves around his birth. As the legend goes, one day Goddess Parvathy was preparing to take bath at her home on Mt.Kailash, when Lord Shiva, her husband was away. Since there was no one to guard her chamber while taking bath, she created a beautiful boy as her son from sandal wood paste. Parvathy brought him to life by dropping the holy water of Ganges. Parvathy instructed her son to guard the entrance with strict vigil.

After a little while, Shiva came home and naturally wanted to come inside. But the boy did not allow him, abiding with the strict instruction from his mother. Infuriated by this strange boy’s action, Shiva hacked his head. When Parvathi came out from her chamber after bathing, she was horror-struck at what had happened to her beloved son. She was overcome with grief and was furious at Shiva. In order to console his wife from the deep agony, and petrified by the death of his son, Shiva ordered his soldiers to find a replacement head for his beheaded son. They were asked to bring the head of the first creature they come across. The soldiers returned with the head of a young elephant. The elephant’s head was fixed in Gaanesha’s body and revived him to life. Shiva declared Ganesha to be the chief among all gods and leader of all ganas (groups).

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