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Lord Shiva becomes Fisherman to Reunite with Parvati

There is an interesting mythological incident wherein, goddess Parvati had to become a fisher woman, and lord Shiva himself became a fisherman to regain her as his wife.

Lord Shiva once decided to explain some difficult Vedic topics and the mysteries enclosing the universe to his beloved wife. Parvati was very much excited to hear it from her husband, who is none other than the protector of the Vedas. Shiva’s teaching went on uninterruptedly for months and years. At one moment Parvati lost her attention. She changed her focus to admiring the beauty of the universe around her. This infuriated Shiva, and he lost his control. He cursed Parvati to take human incarnation as a fisherwoman!

Parvati Becomes Fisher Woman

As soon the curse was out from Shiva’s mouth, Parvati disappeared from his side and took birth as a baby girl on earth. Shiva realised how great his mistake was, but could not repel the curse. Shiva lived a depressed life mourning over the loss of his beloved consort. Shiva’s servant Nandi was unhappy about all these incidences. He could not stand the pain of his master. He plotted a plan to bring back Parvati at the right time.

Parvati was born as a daughter of a fisher man, who was also the chief of the fishermen community. The girl grew to be a beautiful woman.

Nandi Brings Parvati Back

Nandi, in order to reunite his master with Parvati, took the form of a giant whale and entered the water body where these fishermen used to go for fishing. The whale started troubling the fishermen by crushing the boats and tearing the fishing nets. Fishermen were unable to catch the whale. The whole fishermen community started praying to Lord Shiva. The chief fisherman made an announcement that whoever captured the whale would become his daughter’s husband.

Shiva took the form of a handsome young fisherman and promised to capture the whale. He could easily catch the giant fish. The entire fishing clan was extremely happy. The chief of the clan kept his word by giving Parvati’s hand to the young fisherman, who is none other than Shiva himself! He married Parvati and returned to their heavenly abode in Kailash and lived happily ever after.

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