Hindu central undertakes different projects to promote the harmonious growth of Hindu culture and practices in to achieve our Vision and Mission.

Gam Gam Ganapathi Competition

This is a photo competition aimed at engaging Ganesha devotees through a photo competition. Details of this could be found from the Ganesha competition site: “”. This would provide an opportunity for Ganesha devotees to earn cash prizes by identifying themselves through photos taken of them along side Ganesha temple, idea, photo or concept; also it gives them an opportunity to tell their experiences and success through praying to Ganesha. The objective of the competition is to encourage Ganesha worshippers to think and act with more respect and consideration for mother earth, pray to lord Ganesha to stop disasters and other calamities from happening, seek Ganesha’s help in removing obstacles and in having a unified human community.

Free website for Temples

There are many temples which do not have a website. This leaves those temples out of touch from those who live far away, and completely isolates the temple from the cyber world. To help such temples, Hindu Central is actively inviting application from such temples for us to build a free website for them. Anyone can send the request – please send us the details of the temple and the details of the person to contact through at the “Temples” page

Note that this service is free, and is funded by donations we receive.
We have completed the first temple site, please see

Hindu Central Site Activities

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