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Temple for Lord Brahma

Jagatpita Brahma Mandir in Pushkar, Rajasthan is one of the few Brahma temples around the world. Brahma is the Hindu creator-god and one of the supreme triad, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The Brahma temple is located near the Pushkar Lake in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Pushkar is also known as the city of temples as there are about 400 temples in the region. The temple at Pushkar is the most prominent Brahma temple in the world.

Jagatpita Brahma Mandir in Pushkar is believed to be 2000 years old. The original sanctuary is believed to be built by sage Viswamitra. The present marble structure dates to the 14th century. The shrine features southern-style design and architecture. The upper part of the structure has red-hued stoopas featuring hamsa bird motif. The temple holds central images of Brahma and his second consort Gayatri – the source of Brahma’s power. The temple gets flooded with devotes on Kartik Poornima (November–December), when the festival honouring Brahma is celebrated. Devotees take dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake at that time.

As the legend goes, once Brahma killed demon Vajranabha with his weapon, lotus flower. In the process, three lotus petals fell down at three different places. Three lakes appeared at these spots. Brahma came down to earth and named the place as Pushkar. He decided to perform a yajna (fire-sacrifice) at the main Pushkar Lake. In order to complete the divine task without any external disturbance and intervention, Brahma created four hills around Pushkar — Ratnagiri in the south, Nilgiri in the north, Sanchoora in the west and Suryagiri in the east — and positioned gods there to guard the yajna performance. But his wife Savitri or Sarasvati failed to reach the spot in time to perform the essential part of the yajna. Infuriated by her absence, Brahma married a beautiful aboriginal girl, (none other than Vedic hymn of Gayatri incarnated in the shape of a lovely girl). Brahma kept her as his other wife together with Saraswati. When Saraswati arrived at the venue, she got furious at the sight of Gayatri sitting next to Brahma which was her rightful place. Saraswati cursed Brahma that he would be never worshipped. Later she diluted her curse permitting his worship only in Pushkar. Thus, the Pushkar temple is regarded the only temple dedicated to Brahma.

Sage Vishwamitra built a temple at the site of the yajna. It is believed that the 8th century Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara renovated this temple. Maharaja Jawat Raj of Ratlam is said to be behind the current structure.

Now the Pushkar temple does not remain the only Brahma temple. There are other less famous temples dedicated to Lord Brahma.

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